How I Help

Removing Obstacles

We all have places in our life where we are blocked. Working together, we will identify those blocks and find ways for you to overcome them.

To Becoming Your Best Self

Life is full of opportunities. Which opportunities should you take advantage of in order to live the life you want?

And Living in Your Freedom

My gift is that of a key holder to unlocking your gifts.

When you choose to live YOUR life on YOUR terms, you need strength and guidance. Once the internal obstacles are removed, you are 



Kristen Dawn, you're Key Holder to Being Free

Hi! I am Kristen Dawn, after a year (and more) of self discovery, I finally found my key, unlocked my own freedom and took charge in owning my gifts. I help people discover their gifts by pulling them out of their self realized oppression. I help create new ways of thinking to liberation and empowerment. 

I do so with intuition and working with your auric field, our guides will assist in your clearing.

I can't wait to meet you and see you SHINE!